Rituals and habits in Europe, in the history of death!


Every man has thought about death. Every nation and every generation is intrigued by the final destination of body and mind. Dead has therefore always got a special place among the living. Mummified, or hair, heart, bones cherished. Or entrusted to the earth,  to nature appears’ disposal by incineration. Which way human choose for a dead body, there was left a memory somewhere. A headstone, a simple cross, an immense mausoleum.
This book gives a unique perspective on the distinctive European dead-culture.


Start research crematoria!

We have started an exploration of crematoria in Europe, the goal is to show the architecture of crematoria and the way they work. With this we also want to give an insight in cremation practices in the Netherlands and the rest of the European Union.

The way people think about death, funeral, cremation and ways to commemmorate depend heavily on their personal experiences and believes. We want to know in which way does the physical place for death and remembrance contribute. Places where emotions like grief, fear and anger but also peacefullness can exist. What influence does architecture, the interior and the landscape have in these emotional processes?

How have crematoria been designed, what are the relationships between the functional aspects of cremation and the personal, more spiritual funeral proces? What influences do social phenomenon and recent developments like the growing personification of the funeral have?

For our research we would like to speak with people from the funeral industry and designers who have been involved in designing places for death.