The tango has been the base for this whole project, the dance as a bodily expression of passion into space. The line-drawings have evolved from the movements of the feet of the man and the woman while dancing the ocho (a vital dancepatten of the tango). The ocho consists of eight steps, these were extrapolated along a horizontal axis where four ‘feet’ meet. Time meets space.



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 This meeting I have used to construct faces in a 3d environment. After these 2 to 3d studies I have continued the process by constructing true spaces from these faces by hand-modelling.. bringing back the passion to the steps. I have experimented with different materials of which each wants to ‘tell’ its own story through its specific characteristics. To direct this process I have recognized and named specific moments of the ocho pattern.

The pattern can be seen as a ‘spine’, a continuous movement through space, it has played the role of a ‘guideline’ in the designproces of this ‘tango landscape’.The spine takes you on a journey through space and time. Rythmatic movements through the landscape. In unison with the other, it’s an act of passion, ruled by the balance between emotion and body.

hook with and carry

pressure forward embrace

heels slightly to central axis

weep seduction

leading with his fingers the spine;

By following this lead you are going to encounter different spaces which have evolved from the basic tango dancepattern. Each moment has it’s own specific theme and the spine introduces you to them.