I was asked to make a work for some one I didn’t yet knew. I only had a name of the young man and an address. In order to know what I should make for him, we started exchanging some letters. In one of them I asked him what his favorite book was and why? He wrote me back and in his letter was written: “‘The Elementary Particles’ by Michel Houllebecq is my favorite book, because I am wondering how can I find the wright path in life and how can I reach it?” and “Make something nice, I like beautifull things.”

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    secret project

I started reading the book, buy cialis about the duality of the two brothers: one of the two was living life by pleasure, pharmacy joy and flights for it,  and the other was living life with total self-control and discipline to get and hold grip.

Both the way of writing me a letter and the story in the book were intriuging me. Because: are we able to influence lives? Am I able to infuence his life? He wants to find a path, his path can it not only be found through suffering or at least being consious about what is really important in life?

I secretly started sending him semi-nude pictures of the same girl with no sender, and no letter.  Would I be able to affect his life? With this I wanted to at least point out the pretty uninhibited life next to an interrogation who the girl was and why she sent him pictures.

Finally I told him that the work had been finished and invited him over. The big pictures hung at the entrance opposite to each other.  If a confrontation , as a denouement of the life of its own as the images were going in his life.


Life is not always what it seems ………..