Light Light Light

exploration on ‘Lovell Health House’, designed by Richard Neutra

Whisper from above
Entering, dazzling light.
Follows, turns aside, the stairs, reflects.
Whisper from above
He reflects, goes on left,
Meets the land, a valley, it has yards from ground
its foot a circle of shadow, clear as glass, a window.
Touches the glass, with his hands.
He continues to reflect.
Whisper from above
Goes down, more down to it, meets the naked floor,
feels the embracing, the space in the middle.
Yellow, all the yellow, the color is yellow.
Whisper from above
A movement, slow and bright, walking to stand still
in the light, moving light, sits down.Listening in silence one note of a bird, translating his inside, reflects.
Harmony in justice, opens it.
Whisper from above
Change direction, back to the steps, centering.
Light, send by nature, finally hits the steps, disappear
as fast as it did appear, the beats of the heart
reflecting again.
Whisper from above
Down to the earth, opens up, mind free, stronger in the
inside deep going outside.
Tastes the breath of earth, taking him
away over the valley.
Found his way.


jaar 2004
status studie Lovell Health House + model
onderzoek/idee Kim Verhoeven

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