Inter Agro is an exploration of the relationship between space and the identity of its environment , and how it is physically made ​​. The observer hereby establishes the role of his / her own body to the test . [ On the border of power (lessness) , penetrate , (in) visible and connection ] . The boundaries , both physically and visually , play an important role.


    sense of place

  • YEAR:

    2012 - now

The ‘ Genius Loci ‘ is a concept that can be traced back to classical Roman culture it appointed the atmosphere and uniqueness of a particular place. The genius loci refers to the distinctive character of a place or localized atmosphere , they are determined by natural factors such as: climate , nearness of people, animals, traffic, park, buildings and so on.

Furthermore, psychological factors play an important role such as the meaning, identity, history , use, and perhaps dreams about this which the observer has. The goal is to get aware of the authenticity and character of the place from a new point of view. Thus, a new layer is addes wich changes your sense of that place for ever.

They speak to me in their language, a form and composition.

I think I heard this before, there must be a high walk close by,
wich will tell me where I am.

You can recognize something from a map, a description,

the way things look, the time of day.

Recognition is a condition for knowing where you are.

There are all kinds of little places, in between, on top, or underneeth other places.