Kim Verhoeven M.arch. [1978.NL]

Graduated with honors as an architect at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. I started my own design studio, right at a moment in which our environment is changing rapidly. We call it a crisis, but it forces us to recognize that there is a growing shortage of raw materials while the human population on earth is still increasing. In my opinion recognizing and analyzing this everyday reality is a very interesting experience, as I seek the beauty and essence of these changes.
I approach every design project as part of a greater whole, part of an existing physical and social context . ‘How can architecture contribute to the future, while our vision for the future is continuously changing?’. The act of creation fascinates me deeply: adding material in some place and taking it away from another (maybe its origin). I’m changing form, function and location of materials depending on the needs and context, in order to create something new which can be experienced and explored.

2005 – 2011 The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, diploma 2011 ~ cum laude;
2001 – 2002 Art academie Den Bosch,  Sculpture and other Media department;
1995 – 2000 HTS Building Engineering, diploma 2000

2013 – Research crematoria Europe: grant support | Creative Industries Fund | NL
2013 – JA competition BNA 2012 | realisation assignment municipality Oirschot |NL
2012 – Nomination Workspace 12, Filmhuis Den Haag | NL
2012 – Start stipendium:  Architectural Fund SFA – Mondriaan Fund | NL
2011/12 – Archiprix 2012 honorable mention| NL

2013 ADD ONE, SECONDroom Antwerp | BE
2012 window exhibition: ‘Chopscape’, expo poli Den Bosch | NL
2012 traveling group exhibition: Archiprix 2012 | NL
2011  group exhibition graduation projects:  Amsterdam Stopera | NL
2007 group exhibition: ‘Kanjers en Knoerten’ , Zuiderkerk Amsterdam | NL
2006 performance:  ‘Incorporea’  TheaterAcademie Jodebreestraat Amsterdam | NL
1999  group exhibition:  BAI Den Bosch | NL

2012 – Archiprix, Best Dutch graduation projects, NAI publishers
2012 – Graduation projects, p.84/89, p.142, Architectura & Natura Publishers Amsterdam
2012 – BNA BLAD #02/12, pag.19, concertgebouw in vier delen (space in four parts)
2011 – Music Space and Architecture, A.Oxenaar , ‘musical approaches to space’ p.89 + selection of quotes – Architectura Natura
2008 – A/S/L Academie van Bouwkunst, p.136/137, – 010 Publishers
2007 – Afsluitdijk, de Blauwe Kamer 5/2007,  p.32/33
2006 – Kanjers en Knoerten, Parool 17 april 2007, p.22
2006 – A/S/L Academie van Bouwkunst, p.94/95, 010 Publishers
2005 – A/S/L Academie van Bouwkunst, p.78/97 en 96/97,  010 Publishers

Work in progress
2013 – research of crematoria in Europe: ananlysis, infographics, investigation;
2013 – 25 ecological dwellings and workplaces, ‘s-Hertogenbosch: designing;
2013 – compostable pavilion, MAiZE: material research;
2013 – urban tumulus: material research;
2013 – 4 elderly housing, Oirschot: sketch design;
2012 – Oreo, 14 appartments Oirschot: designing;
2012 – Anywhere I roam: finding fund for realization;

Work experience
2012 – present: Kim Verhoeven architect, design and research
2011 – 2011: Merkx & Girod architecten, collaboration for material research and design
2010 – 2011 freelance designer and architect, collaboration with Arcam and AHK: project Music Space & Architecture, research for publication and reference library
2007 – 2009 Dok Architecten Amsterdam, assistent designer / project leader
2006 – 2007 Blue Architects Amsterdam, architectural designer / project leader
2004 – 2005 Archiservice Den Bosch, architectural draftsman and engineering
2001 – 2002 Meij Bouwadvies Den Bosch, constructional draftsman
1999 – Architectenbureau van Teeffelen Eindhoven, internship
1999 – Ballast Nedam IGB Breda, internship

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